Unsupersize Me


Unsupersize Me documents the inspiring journey of Florida-based personal trainer Juan-Carlos Asse, who worked with Tracy Ryan over the course of a year to transform her body and her life.

From his personal training studio, Zen Fitness, in Gainesville, Florida, Asse works with Ryan six days a week, coaching her through the challenges of her new exercise program, diet and lifestyle. Ryan's stunning transformation demonstrates the effectiveness of Asse's exercise approach, along with a whole food plant-based diet. Once morbidly obese, weighing in at 345lb and unable to live life to the full, Ryan thrives with Asse's guidance and support, becoming healthy, active and confident and shedding 200lb in the process.

Asse himself has had a lifelong passion for fitness and nutrition, but his life took an unexpected turn when he was sent to federal prison whilst in college on drug charges. The film also reveals Asse's own transformation, as he uses his experience of incarceration to learn, grow and ultimately embark on a career in personal training and nutrition that has changed the lives of many people – in some cases, maybe even saved them.


Unsupersize Us, the sequel to Unsupersize Me, shows the transformations of five ordinary individuals who adopted Asse's whole food plant-based diet and exercise approach for six weeks, along with the unrivalled coaching and support he became known for through Unsupersize Me.

Unsupersize Us isn't just about weight loss, although all the participants did lose weight, inches and body fat during the process. This film shows the physical and mental transformations that can happen when you shift your focus to achieving optimal health.

Meet the participants:

ALLISON – Real estate business owner and dog lover Allison had already lost significant weight using more traditional approaches and wanted to break through her plateau.

DON – Tennis coach, racquet club owner and former college athlete Don has battled high blood pressure and high cholesterol and wanted to get in shape.

GIDON – Music teacher and performer and keen weightlifter Gidon was suffering with digestive and sleep problems and needed a boost to his confidence and self esteem.

LIZ – Writer and editor from the UK (and co-author of the Unsupersize Me book series) Liz wanted to improve poor digestive health, fatigue and long term anxiety and depression.

MOLLY – Third-grade teacher and cooking enthusiast Molly had let her health and fitness slide whilst concentrating on her career and wanted to bring it back to the top of her priority list.


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